Upcoming Runescape private server for mac and windows
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 Staff Application

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One Hit Wonder
One Hit Wonder

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PostSubject: Staff Application   Wed Jun 01, 2011 11:22 pm

Username: Jens

Which position you want: I would really love Admin, but then again i would also love moderator, so thats up to you Razz. (if i get pending approval)

How long have you been playing the game/ Forums: Not very long but i have been playing SilabGarza for about 5 months, and i really enjoyed it, but i am looking for something new and this looks like a very fun and interesting server, so i would really like to help out on the community and also play Smile

Any infractions against your account: there have been no infractions to my account and i hope that in the near fututre there wont be Razz

What you have done for the server: I have helped the community and i have also done some advertising at my school.

People who have suggested you for staff: n/a

Have you Had any Experience as a Mod / Admin : In fact yes, i have, my friend had a server called Nolifescape but he took it down because he didnt have time to run it and it didnt have a very big playerbase, but i was admin for that server, so i have had experience.

What would you do if you caught someone Breaking Rules? : If Someone was breaking the rules i would probably take the right action but also run it through if either the founder or admin is online but i would either mute them or ban them.

Would you Donate to the Server if you Had to ?
Of Course i Would it seems like a great server and i would love to donate to help the server.

EXTRA INFO----------------------------------------------------

I have been playing runescaoe for about 4 years and im also 17 so i am mature, i think im the right guy for mod/admin because i just games and commitement and i also try to help the community asmuch as possible.
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Staff Application
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